Email Marketing 101: How to Create Engaging Emails That Sell

Written by Adam Wills

Aug 24, 2019

August 24, 2019

If you ask any marketer where you can potentially make tons of your revenue from they’ll more than likely tell you that the money is in the list. And by list, they mean your email list.

It’s not enough these days to just have lots of social media followers liking and commenting. You need to bring visitors back to a place where you control the narrative for your business. That’s why capturing their email and getting them on a list is one of the most proven strategies around.

But once you’ve gotten them in your space how exactly do you keep them around? Well there’s a method to that madness as well. Keep reading to check out this guide on email marketing 101 for writing engaging emails that sell.

Write Interesting Subject Lines

The first rule to email marketing 101 is actually getting your email opened. Because nothing you say or do inside the email matters before you can achieve this. So it’s important to master the art of writing interesting subject lines that will increase your open rates.

How exactly do you get your readers to open up your messages? Well, there will be a lot of testing but you can start with some timeless methods, such as asking questions, using their name or writing a shocking subject line. The more you know your audience, the easier it will be to figure out what peaks their interests enough for them to take action. 

Send Relevant Information

Now that you’ve gotten people to open your messages it’s time to show them that you can speak their language. Be relatable and deliver exactly what you promised you would when they initially signed up for the mailing list.

For instance, if you said that they would have weekly updates on the latest news in technology sent to their inbox, make sure sure that all the news is about the topic and is current. You wouldn’t want to find a specialized bicycle business on Google then drive there only to find out they sell mostly motorcycles and sometimes bikes.

Sounds simple, right? Well it could be if you just remember that your emailing list is the people that you want to gain the most trust with because you’ll probably start selling to them in the future. 

Make Content Scannable

Just because these tips are specifically for email marketing 101 doesn’t mean that you still aren’t writing for the internet. Since most internet users tend to have shorter attention spans it’s beneficial to make your content more digestible.

Make sure people can easily scan through content if they needed to- especially if it’s long-form. This can be done simply by adding bullet points, bold headers and making different sections easy to recognize. Also remember to break up text because of big blocks of words are often intimidating. 

Readers will still be able to get what they need from you without taking up too much of their time.

Perform A/B Split Testing

Although everyone on your list will probably be interested in a general topic or industry that you’re in, they won’t all behave the same way. A huge part of email marketing 101 is continuously testing so that you are able to differentiate between the various types of people within your audience.

For instance, you may be selling a marketing course to business owners. However, some of the owners may be just starting and some may already be generating revenue. You have captured the eye of business owners, in general, but both of these groups of people will be interested in different content at times and probably won’t have the same budget.

Through A/B split testing, you’ll be able to spot which side of the fence each individual is on based on some of their consistent behaviors. From there you can divide the list up and send out specified content tailored to their needs.

Use Personalization

Recent studies have shown that people like to hear and use their own names. And in the email marketing 101 world this can be used to an advantage when sending out messages.

Try making emails more personalized by including the names of the individuals. You can even go a step beyond and, based on the data you’ve collected from your testing and basic demographics, also add in fields for other general information (such as location).

Add Quality Images

Another way to engage readers is to add fun, relevant images. We live in a world where memes are their own language and exchanging GIFs is accepted as regular conversation. Tap into what your audience enjoys and add that into the mix.

Be sure to use high-quality images that show up well when you embed them. Waiting for pictures and videos to load in an email can change the entire experience of the message for the reader.

Choose Appropriate Layouts

Just like pictures, choosing the right layout also depends on your audience and the aesthetics that they often prefer. And picking the wrong one could turn them off quickly.

Know where to place banners, images and text dividers that will appeal most to your viewers’ eyes. Also incorporate your branding elements (colors, fonts, etc.) to give it a familiar feel.

Include CTAs (Call-to-Action)

When you want your readers to perform certain tasks, it’s often best that you give them clear directions. Including call-to-actions does just that. 

Place your CTAs where people can easily find them and be sure to include links close by (if not right after). It may also help to add them multiple times throughout the email.

Ready to Use These Email Marketing 101 Tips to Increase Sales?

Learning the email marketing 101 basics will definitely put you on the right path to crafting successful emails for your audience. You probably won’t see huge results overnight but it’ll take no time for you to notice significant changes in your response and click-through rates when applying these strategies.

Over time you’ll be able to increase your sales tremendously if you are consistent. If you’re looking for some extra assistance with email marketing, contact us today to schedule a free strategy session.

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