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  • Yuma (CO) Chamber of Commerce


Website Platform

  • WordPress

Project Goals

The Yuma Chamber of Commerce was seeking a replacement for their existing site which was difficult to use for both the Executive Director and site visitors.

Key Requirements

Member Directory

The heart of any Chamber, a simple to use directory of all businesses and organizations who are members of the Chamber

Online Membership Management

Self-managed accounts for membership dues and posting specials offers and events

Board Member Management

Web-based tools to manage all things related to the Board of Directors

Public File Management

To allow site visitors to access meeting minutes and other records without having to submit a request to the office.

Private File Management

For sharing files with the Board of Directors.


The Chamber website needs to be accessible to the Director and easy to update

Our Solution

We set out to accomplish the Yuma Chamber’s goals and created a combination of custom solutions and integration with MembershipWorks software to rise to the occasion.

Ideas Generated

  • ZCreated comprehensive member directory
  • ZIntegrated MembershipWorks software to allow members to manage their own accounts, pay their annual dues, and post special offers and events
  • ZIntegrated a file management system that automatically syncs with Google Drive
  • ZCreated custom rules so that files automatically publish to the proper locations on the site based on the Drive folder they're added to
  • ZIntegrated board member management tools for sending event RSVP's, tracking board member attendance, and managing private files only accessible to board members
  • ZCreated a custom client dashboard complete with tutorial videos and online support


This project not only updated the look and feel of the Chamber’s website and provided them with organizational management tools, but also added significant value for Chamber members.

The Yuma Chamber website is almost entirely client-managed with the exception of hosting, security and maintenance provided by our Website Maintenance Plan.

We wanted to ensure that the site was accesible to visitors with disabilities so we deployed our Accessibility Widget.

Additionally, we deployed an auto-updating privacy policy and terms of service to help protect the Yuma Chamber against changing, upcoming and far-reaching legislation in those areas.

Adam did a phenomenal job of creating a website that is not only beautiful, but also an incredible tool. Every detail was clearly thought out and implemented with purpose. I highly suggest working with Sursum Digital if you’re in need of a website or any additional online services.

Sammy Lee

Director, Yuma Chamber of Commerce

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