Your Business Can’t Thrive on a Facebook Page Alone

Written by Adam Wills

Oct 25, 2019

October 25, 2019

Attention entrepreneurs! Businesses small and large! If you ask yourself, “Do I need a website,” here’s why you can’t rely solely on a business Facebook page.

One day, after using Facebook as the place where you send your traffic, you’re likely to wake up and say — I need a website!

You’re absolutely right. Only having a Facebook page isn’t going to cut it when you want to make the biggest impact possible online. Continue reading this article to learn more about why you need a website even if you have a Facebook page.

You Have No Control Over Your Facebook Page

If Facebook changes its terms of service, you can never be sure if your page is going to make the cut.

Let’s face it. You probably haven’t read through every sentence in their terms of service and you could be violating their rules right now. If they decide to enforce those terms, your page could be gone and you’ll have no online presence. 

Facebook Pages Are Limited

There are many things you can’t do with Facebook pages like search engine optimization, funnels and squeeze pages, pixel tracking to optimize your social ad spend and more. Having a website will allow you to get the most out of your money when your marketing online.

To Use AdWords, You Need a Landing Page

Thinking about trying your hand at some paid ads through Google Adwords? You can’t advertise through their platform if you don’t have a landing page on a website that you own. Google will not allow you to send traffic to Facebook pages.

Not Everyone Has a Facebook Account

When people try to visit your Facebook page and they don’t have a Facebook account, they get a pop up that asks them to join Facebook. This pop-up can be very deterring and you’re likely to lose some good clients due to it.

Even though people can click out of the pop-up and view your page, it isn’t the best user experience.

A Website = Better Branding

When you want to grow your brand, you need your own website. Every time you send someone to your Facebook page, you’re building Facebook’s brand.

While you might not have anything against Facebook and its brand, why are you working for free promoting their company instead of focusing on promoting your own?

Your website will allow you to rank for keywords you’re SEO optimized for where Facebook lacks the ability to target keywords effectively.

Build Your Credibility

When people search for your company online, if they can’t find a website, you instantly lose credibility. On the other hand, if people search for your business and a well-designed website with helpful information appears, their trust and respect for your company go up.

Don’t miss out on business because you don’t want to build a website.

Do I Need a Website? – It’s a Clear Yes

Now that you have the answer to your question of “Do I need a website?” Don’t stop there. Let us help you with your website needs.

Whether you need website design alone or if you need graphic design, SEO services, and more we can help you. Contact us today and let’s get started.

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